Meet the Team

Abhinav Rosemary Raj

Born on May 1, 2003, in Kerala, India Abhinav Rosemary Raj is a design student currently pursuing a diploma in Interactive Media Design at Algonquin College Ottawa, Canada. From a young age, he got his passion for creativity and art from his brother, and as he grew up, he became increasingly interested in design. He decided to put the Interactive Media Design program as a stepping stone for his career, by working on his skills in this field, he is looking forward to leaving a mark in this industry to inspire others.

Alex Sajen George
(Managing Director)

Alex Sajen George. 18 years old, passed Grade 12 in June 2022. An Indian citizen, but he was born and raised in Kuwait. He is new to Canada and its fascinating culture and top-quality education is what led him to choose this country. He is really interested in working in the UX designing industry, learning more about user experience, and designing interfaces since his teen years and so he believe the Interactive Media Design program is suitable for him to start progressing in this field.

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